Guaranteed Minimum Wage For Everybody
by America Is Doomed
July 2,2010

U.S. Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a great idea. He just ordered most state workers to work for the month of July at minimum wage - 7.25 per hour. For him, it is just temporary until the California legislation passes a budget, but let's ignore that part.

Let's guarantee everybody a minimum wage. Just think, if everybody in the country had a guaranteed minimum wage, there would be no more unemployment, no welfare, and nobody without a means to support.

For decades, minimum wage has been advocated as a living wage.   Well, let's just assume that is true for the moment. Then, everybody can have a guaranteed minimum wage and pay no taxes on any of it - no federal, state, or sales taxes. Zippo. Everybody gets to spend the 40 hours per week, $7.25 per hour, as they see fit. Then start taxing the next $7.25 per hour at 20%, the next $7.25 per hour at 40%, etc.

Right up until it is taxed at 100%. Use all those taxes to pay for the minimum wage and whatever else government needs. It seems like a great way to redistribute the wealth, provide for all the citizens, and make sure nobody gets too greedy.

There would be no such thing as unemployed benefits - everybody is guaranteed a minimum wage. If people want more than a minimum wage they could get a job and earn some more money. If they couldn't find a job, they would still have their minimum wage. The minimum wage would be for every single citizen, regardless of age. So, a family of four would have four minimum wages guarantees.

If the minimum wage just wasn't enough, it could be raised but it would be raised for everybody. It could also include some basic benefits, like health care, housing and public transportation. So, every citizen would receive a minimum wage and benefits. It would be a much fairer system. There would be plenty of incentives to work as well.

By working, people could get something more than the minimum. It would also allow people to explore areas that didn't traditionally pay so well, such as journalism, music, and art. They could work for themselves, start their own businesses, etc.

If certain jobs were particularly important, wages could be higher to attract people, but not high like professional athletics high. They would pay 2 to 5 times the minimum wage.

There would still be plenty of people to play baseball, be doctors, etc. People would gravitate to things they liked to do which is almost always the things they do best. Everybody gets a minimum level of income, there are still incentives to work, and nobody gets greedy wealthy.

Let's give it a try - it has got to be better than the rich getting richer, people struggling to find jobs, and 30% of the nation's children on welfare or hungry.

Did I mention, there would be no more welfare ? - everybody makes a living wage, including the children.

For now, Obama pretends that the economy is improving. Republicans complain that it is the government's fault that private business is not hiring.

They are both wrong. This economy is getting worse as the jobs' report demonstrated today. There are now 8 million fewer people at jobs than before the financial crisis in 2008.

It is getting worse and if something is not done about guaranteed income for all citizens, people are just going to die. It's that simple.

by America is Doomed.

Reprinted with permission

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