End slavery with a Guaranteed Livable Income:
change your life and everyone else's

by Stephanie Lovatt, March 2006

GLI is not a top down solution. It benefits the people on the very bottom first. The people on the bottom have always been supporting the people on the top by being kept in conditions where slavery could flourish. That is their function. Direct aid going to the people at the bottom. An income in a person's hands makes it possible to work in the community. Trade, take care of their children, grandchildren and elders. It makes all the horrible reports from around the world on women, not be an epitaph for women.

An income would shift the balance of power back to women and communities. It would give women the power to refuse to have sex with brutal men. Women would have to be totally included in all matters of life and health.

The elders of the Mohawk Nation said in a statement recently, that the violent overthrow of the materlinear traditional system of rule by white governments has left native women disposessed, vulnerable to attack and exploitation and has utterly destroyed communities. This is evident in the number of women who are missing without a trace throughout Canada. GLI would rightfully recognise women's rights as mothers and grandmothers.

GLI would make a great meal out of the military budget.

GLI is not from the top down because those at the top will not surrender that sort of power willingly. GLI will only happen when people want it to. If that sounds unreal, consider this. Are there any circumstances under which you yourself would tolerate the murder of innocent children and people. Would you do it for money? for social position? for king and country perhaps. Is there any circumstances at all that justify the murder of women and children. Any politics or economics? No? Yet women and children are dying or being murdered on the strength of the belief that the poor have no right to live.

The only downside to world domination, it seems, is the masters responsibility to feed the slaves after the dust settles. Feeding the slaves would eat up the profit though.

GLI is a recognition of slavery, class distinction, injustice, systemic violence and genocide of women. It is a rejection of workhouses, poor houses, and extermination camps disguised as make work projects. It recognises that the systemic underfeeding of entire populations both in Canada and worldwide is supporting the lifestyles of the overfed. It includes understanding that the unpaid work of women is subsidising men's salaries everywhere. It is also the recognition that thanks to the bully boys the entire world is either traumatised or dying. That the poor bashing propaganda, that the poor do it to themselves, is a lie and any government still supporting this form of systemic violence should be charged with crimes against humanity. Supporting GLI is a decision made on a personal level as it presupposes that your life is going to change along with everyone elses.

Most of all, GLI acknowledges that men do not have the right to own women to do with as they please. I believe that therein is the very crux of the matter.

Steph Lovatt