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As more people are pointing out, the pursuit of economic growth and growing the money supply with higher production is a prescription for using up and wasting natural resources to the point of imperiling the very systems that sustain life.

Switching to "green jobs" is not a long-term solution, for if "green jobs" were truly successful--in that they would reduce waste and would build long-lasting infrastructure and products--people would be working themselves out of a job. Similarly, as large numbers of people became healthy from riding their bikes to their green jobs and eating organic food, millions of jobs in the junk food, medical and pharmaceutical industries would disappear. And if people learned ways to be intrinsically happy, this would spell the end of all jobs that depend on misery, insecurity, and addiction. (See Will Ferguson's book, "Happiness")

The only logical way to get out of the economic growth rut is with a universal livable income for everyone (aka basic income, citizen's income). However, if people who advocate this planet-saving initiative insist that money comes from "production", then we are headed back to the "illth" rut of waste and destruction, and preying upon the unpaid work of women around the world.

There is no 'real' or 'unreal' money. Money can be used for "illth" activities that are wasteful or destructive (the current system); or money can be used for health activities that are essential, beneficial, and enhance life. The first is an investment in death, the second, an investment in life.

L'Hirondelle & Larochelle, Nov. 2007, updated Oct. 2011

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