A Critial Analysis Tool to Bust Jobism

by C.A. L'Hirondelle & J.S. Larochelle 2013
Draft in Process

Currently economic activies are divided into two categories: paid and unpaid. The default and status quo belief is that jobs are the economic goal of any nation (jobism) without taking into account or considering the consequences to human or environmental health. You could call this a death-cycle economy because things that are harmful proliferate due to the incentives.

We need a tool to evaluate the impacts of jobs and production on people, environment and other living things. And we need to implement a universal livable income for all in order to make a transtion from a death-cycle economy to a livable economy (and world).

The following questions are a starting point tool to analyse the harms and benefits of jobs and production:

1 - H+N

Is it Healthy and Necessary?

e.g. water - having access to clean water is both healthy and necessary for life.

2- H+U

Is it Healthy and Unnecessary?

e.g. recreation activities - there are many recreation and leisure activities that enhance people's health.

3 - U+N

Is it Unhealthy and Necessary?

e.g. energy (since currently we don't have enough perfect green energy sources to meet our needs).

4 - U+U

Unhealthy and Unnessary ?

e.g. smoking, sugared drinks and other examples that are too many to list.

Currently categories 3 and 4 proliferate and thrive due to how anything where money is exchanged and anything that makes the GDP grow is financially encouraged and categories 1 and 2 are discouraged and are deprived of resources because they are considered unproductive or they don't cause enough economic growth. Thus many harmful things are financially encouraged and many beneficial things (like caregiving for kin or community) are financially discouraged

Why (the facts and evidence)

How (which answers the now funny question "but where would the money come from?")