Too long already
by August B.
July 25, 2007

Responding to GAI:how do we get there (see last comment)

Re: "The critics of the concept are correct when they say that some versions of what might be passed off as "GAI" could be worse than the status quo."

Wow what a criticism, that some possible kind of type might possibly be not as good potentially if we use the version that is really just pretending to be what it is labeled. Very constructive. You're agreeing with critics that aren't even criticizing what is actually being demanded. Am I the only one who thinks that that is completely insane? If there are issues with GLI or GAI then try actually addressing the issue. If there is some fundamental flaw that you have cleverly spotted, point it out, but if not what then are you trying to accomplish? If you are an advocate for change then support change instead of pondering about the bureaucratic and trivial. This Idea is not a new one. Implementation and consequences have been thought out. The Manitoba Mincome experiment ended in 1979. Are you saying we have not made enough progress in that area yet? It reminds me of the automobile industries stance on new fuel technology, in that it always has to be a few years away despite the fact the the technology for zero emission cars exist right now and have for many years.

RE: "Achievement of a truly adequate GAI will no doubt take a substantial period of time." It has taken too long already, I wonder how history will look at this generation? Maybe as the one that stood by talking as the world around them was dieing. You don't have to be a genius to realize that the current system is not working and we don't have a substantially long period of time to mull about. Every day species go extinct and millions of people die needlessly in poverty. You might have the luxury of making alliances and taking your time but I assure you it makes no difference to the people and things facing immediate threats whether or not you hypothetically support the idea, you are still the enemy. Words are not actions if you want to be historically looked at in similar fashion of the people that sat around talking about whether or not to do something while the holocaust was happening so be it, but I want it done now and I want everyone to know it.

August B. is a young writer for GLI