Millions of jobs depend on the consumption of unhealthy products.

This is not a moral condemnation of products or people. This is not an argument to take away anyone's choice to eat crap food. But the opposite has happened: the option for a healthy society has been taken away because if large numbers of people choose to consume mostly healthy products, it would devastate the economy. Millions of would be jobs wold be lost both in direct junk food jobs and downstream jobs in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Compulsory crapitalism is not freedom. This is why we need a universal livable income for all (guaranteed livable income, basic income guarantee, universal livable income, citizen's dividend - find more info here). Read more on health here.

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graphic by C.A. L'Hirondelle 2013 - reproduce with link or attribution
(Note: it is perfectly normal to look at the images in this graphic and get hungry.)

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