In December 2000, Canadian conservatives denounced Prime Minister Chretien's guaranteed annual income proposal as "stealth socialism"
posted by C.A. L'Hirondelle, June 2014, from archived newspaper clippings.

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On December 9th, 2000 Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chretien (Liberal Party) proposed a universal guaranteed income for Canadians. The idea was quickly dropped after being slammed as 'stealth socialism' by conservative opposition party members (Reform Party aka Canadian Alliance, members of which who now make up Canada's ruling Conservative Party of Canada under Stephen Harper).

This newspaper clipping is from Southam Newspapers Dec.9th 2000 (from the Victoria Times Colonist).


This news was greeted with accusations of "stealth socialism by the conservatives in opposition.

“[Canadian Prime Minister] Jean Chretien’s legacy-building plan to create cradle-to-grave guaranteed income for Canadians was condemned as stealth socialism yesterday by the political opposition. The [Conservative] Canadian Alliance said the Prime Minister has no mandate to build a costly new social program, which it warns could trigger a new round of conflicts between Ottawa and the provinces.” December 11, 2000, National Post front page.

Conservative pundit David Frum also denounced the idea.

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