Canadian Reports on Guaranteed Income
(guaranteed annual income, livable income, basic income,
citizen's income, citizen's dividend)


THE TOWN WITH NO POVERTY: A history of the North American Guaranteed Annual Income
Social Experiments

Evelyn L. Forget
Community Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine
University of Manitoba - 2011
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Policy Options - Sept.2011
The Town with No Poverty: The Health Effects of a Canadian Guaranteed Annual Income Field Experiment

Policy Brief
See also 1970's article on
Manitoba Mincome




Women's Economic Justice Report on Guaranteed Livable Income - 2006

English (PDF)

Projet sur la justice économique pour les femmes : Examen de la façon dont les femmes profiteraient d'un revenu de subsistance garanti

French (PDF 468kb)

You can also get in touch with the co-ordinator of this project via where she will be publishing ebooks about guaranteed livable income ( as well as sharing information on self-publishing resources in Victoria BC.)



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