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Labour perspectives on guaranteed income (pdf - 325 kb)
Other Pamphlets coming soon: Why a GLI; Peace and GLI;

*Download Income Chart - 2002
CanIncome02Chart (pdf 32 kb)
(*Will be updated with 2004 data soon, but the pie chart gives a visual idea of the scale of poverty in Canada based on the information from tax-filers. The 2004 numbers have not changed that much)

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GLI B&W Bookmark (pdf - 56 kb)
(print on coloured paper)

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GLI Stickers (pdf-use full page sticker paper)

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What words could we use to end poverty?
(pdf -360 kb - legal sized paper)

10 economic rules for a GLI
(pdf - 108 kb legal sized paper)

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Important things to read:

The Evidence section of this website

Martin Luther King Jr.'s writings on Guaranteed Income (see the Links page)

Richard Cook's article on monetary reform and basic income

About Free Market Charities: Why do the "free market" think tanks that have been dictating world economic policy not follow their own advice? They beg for charity donations while telling everyone else to sink or swim in the free market. Groups like LIFE operate on almost no funding since we do not qualify as a charity. Yet groups like the Fraser Institute qualify as a charity.
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About Money

About Economic Lies

About the Last Taboo: How Jobs Cause Poverty

About what is Jobism

About What is productive and Mothernomics